Terms being misused

As a volunteer there are some terms that we use on a frequently like “foster”, “adopt”, and “rescue”. These words are pretty straight forward; however, I am shock how many people do not know what they really mean.

Fostering dogs does not mean dogsitting your friends dog because they are an irresponsible human and signed a contract for an apartment that does not allow dogs. It means providing a dog from a shelter a temporary home until they find a permanent one (usually to avoid euthanasia). Fostering is an important part of operation for a lot of shelters. It gives dogs that need a little work/training the opportunity to be adopted. It also frees a space within the shelter for an additional dog to get an opportunity to be adopted(note: when there is not room dogs get turned away for immediate euthanasia).

Adoption: if you purchased your dog from that breeder at the 7/11 selling dogs, you did not adopt you bought/purchase a life as if it was a product. Most of the time these sellers are mass producing this “product” and that is sick(see: puppy mill backyard breeder). What is worse is I see signage from these breeders using words like “adopt”.  They will do anything to sell another “product”. Consider them far worse than a greasy car salesman.

Rescued dogs come from shelters, “rescues”, or situations that literally put the animals life in danger (which should then be turned over to a shelter for proper medical care). I have heard people say they rescued their dog from that crazy breeder lady, sure you also contributed to her business and she will take that money to breed more animals exponentially. So rescue your next animal from a shelter. They may or may not have a great rescue story but their life is on the line in most situations. If their life is not on the line, the vacancy it would create saves another who otherwise would get turned away.

I have heard people say they want a specific breed and that is why they go to a breeder. I usually respond by saying we have pure breed(not that it is better) dogs that came from a shelter. Just do some research, look on petfinder, you may even find a whole rescue dedicated to your desired breed.